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Jason Print is the Co-President and CEO of Summit Asset Protection Group and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional or CFP® professional. Since 2007, Jason has managed Summit’s south Florida operations and developed the Naples’ branch into a powerful professional team of financial advisors, client relationship managers and client service specialists. Additionally, he works closely with a small select community of clients in both Naples and Orlando.


Fostering his desire to make a career in the financial industry, Jason earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Dayton and numerous securities licenses. He soon realized that he preferred a holistic and comprehensive approach to personal finance when working with clients and that became his inspiration and motivation to complete Northwestern University’s Certified Education Program, where he earned the meticulous CFP® certification in order to better serve clients in all areas of financial planning including estate planning, college funding, and tax optimization.

A triathlon athlete, Jason expends a lot of energy biking, running, and swimming. But it is the quality time that he spends with his wife Jamie and their two children that he treasures most.


Co-President & CEO 
Dr. Mitch Levin

(P) 407.429.6246

(F) 407.656.8116

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