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What you should know about annuities ...

  • Annuities are not investments

  • Annuities are designed to create income

  • Annuities grow tax deferred

  • Annuities are for long term; not short term

  • Annuity income is dependent upon the carrier’s ability to pay claims

  • You should not have all of your money in an annuity

  • Annuities are not for everyone

  • Annuities are only available through a licensed professional

  • The purchase of an annuity must be accompanied by important documents (i.e. carrier’s brochure)

  • Once annuity income is turned on, it may not increase with inflation

  • Part of the annuity income is the return of your own principal

  • Tax implications vary and depend upon the type of the annuity


Summit Asset Protection Group

 Investment advice is given only through Summit Wealth Partners, LLC., a registered investment advisor. Insurance products are only offered through Summit Asset Protection Group, LLC, an affiliate organization and a licensed insurance agency in the state of Florida. Certain licensed investment advisor representatives may also be licensed insurance agents associated with Summit Asset Protection Group, LLC.


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