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Dr. Mitch Levin is committed to empowering all clients to achieve full financial health.  He sees the need to provide Summit’s clients with full service and a comprehensive holistic approach in growing and protecting their wealth.


Mitch brings great energy to Summit’s endeavors, with a staunch commitment to client advocacy and education, offering solid growth, safely managed, with trusted advice. After retiring as a successful eye surgeon, he served as President of the Ivanhoe Foundation, a philanthropic organization and quickly saw the challenges to wealth preservation.  His new career was born.


Dr. Levin is a registered insurance agent certified in Wealth Preservation Planning and Asset Protection Planning and is an "AA" rated Florida State Representative of the Asset Protection Society. As a member of the Wealth Preservation Institute, he seeks to ensure all aspects of Summit clients´ financial lives are properly examined, optimized, monitored, and ultimately driven to success through a team of expert specialists.


He is a two-time, national best- selling author, trusted advisor, and accomplished public speaker, and has appeared in more than a dozen reputable and award winning publications.


Mitch and his wife Swantje are long time residents of Central Florida.  They enjoy supporting several philanthropic organizations and have two sons, Kyle and Brent.


Former CEO & Senior Consultant
Dr. Mitch Levin

(P) 407.429.6247

(F) 407.656.8116

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